An amazing testimonial from one of our Customers

We can tell you how great our people and equipment are but don’t just trust our opinion, read this amazing testimony.

I’ve been very over weight for quite some time. However over the last 8 years I gained a lot more. It was due to a combination of; simply being complacent
about my weight; 3 years of depression and flat out laziness. It got to the stage where I was so overweight and was eating so badly, that I got
diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So because of my diagnosis in October last year, I have turned my life around. I started eating better and doing
exercise every morning. The diabetes was a good kick in the rear end forcing me to sort myself out. As a result of the lifestyle change, I’ve now
lost 45 kilos and I’m lighter than I have been for the last 20 odd years! Most importantly my doctor tells me that I have turned my diabetes around
and that my blood sugar levels are back to normal!!!


Now I couldn’t have done this without the help and support of my beautiful wife Melanie, whom has also lost over 20kgs as a result of doing the same
things with me. Also Scott Fletcher, from CardioTech North Lakes, for giving me encouragement and guidance with exercise tips and healthy foods.
Having that little bit of assistance made such a big difference and I don’t think I could have kept going without it. Now I have a routine, I live
a different lifestyle but I’m not doing anything extraordinary to lose the weight. Just not eating and drinking crap (you know what I’m talking
about). Doing literally 48 minutes of exercise every morning in front of the TV. Seriously 48 minutes! (Which is 2 cartoons on Netflix) and walking
at least 1km to and from work every day.

The exercise consists of, every second day I do 5 minutes on the CardioTech Vibration machine, at a low intensity, to loosen me up and invigorate me.
Then I hop on the recumbent exercise bike to do 5kms. After that I get back on the Vibration machine and do squats, on a reasonably high intensity,
for 15 minutes. With 5 minutes warm down on low intensity.

On the other days I do 2kms on a rowing machine, which includes 10 minutes of stretching before and after.

I still have a little bit more weight to lose but I thought I would let you all in on my journey.

I hope it inspires anyone who might want to make changes in their own lives, to see that it can be done and that it doesn’t take much to do it. Just
a willingness to try, and patience to get you through the times when you want to quit.


Hopefully this inspires you to make positive changes and give our equipment a go.


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