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Workout while you work

Ever wanted to ‘trick’ your body into exercising? After all, it’s the motivation that is the hardest part in maintaining an exercise plan.

Although there is no magic pill or miracle method, there is an easier way to exercise that maximises your time so you barely notice you’re working out. It’s about multi-tasking; moving your muscles while working on your laptop or iPad.

And it all starts with the recumbent, It's an ergonomically designed cycle at machine that has a number of advantages over an upright bike. Things like a comfortable seat that you can sit back in and relax, working your lower body simultaneously to maximize your workout and time, and reaching your desired fitness level without worrying about burning out too soon in your session.  

Plus using a recumbent allows you to enjoy a smooth ride, while more muscles are being worked compared to a standard bike. It’s such a smart way to overcome what can be a mundane and sometimes boring necessity. 

But it’s not all about the recumbent, adding a desk to the machine instantly allows you to cycle away while responding to emails or chatting on social media.  It’s a clever addition that transforms the recumbent once again so you take your mind off the motions, and feel like you’re using the time for other things.

Machines like these are now being integrated into home offices and workplaces. As research shows, being a healthy employee means you’re a more productive and happier one.  It helps clear the mind and boost morale, with fewer sick days taken as a result.  It also helps combat the ‘sitting disease’ now commonly known, especially to office workers, to lead to obesity, heart attacks, slow metabolism, circulation issues, and more.

Find out more about how to exercise on a recumbent, or the integrated OfficeAction desk accessory.

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