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Workout Taboos You Should Break

The fitness landscape in Australia is continually changing. As new research comes out or new training techniques are embraced, we are always exploring new ways to workout. Just look at the CrossFit craze or the number of gyms now open 24 hours a day.

What we have been told in the past may not necessarily be the best advice for our present day situation. So here are a few to possibly rethink.

1. To lose more weight, you need to do more cardio.
Cardiovascular activity is very important for optimum health.  But weight training has been proven to be just as effective, if not more, in burning fat. So what’s the solution here? Well, you need to do both. If you’re looking to decrease fat and tone up, then consider weight training first, followed by 20 minutes of cardio.

2. Rethink that rest day
During weight training we usually focus on one or a couple of muscle groups at a time. Then we’ve been told to have a rest day before working on the same area. It’s now thought that working out the same muscle groups the following day (at a lighter intensity) will get blood pumping into the fatigued muscles getting them stronger, sooner. Be careful of course not to overdo it on the 2nd day – you don’t want to damage them further. You should be able to work the same muscle groups at least three times a week for maximum growth, but only fatigue one or two muscle groups at a time.

3. Ab crunches will get you a six pack!
Let’s be clear here, crunches definitely help in shaping your abdominal muscles. But they should also be accompanied by other strength exercises for your entire torso. Consider full sit-ups, oblique exercises and even lower back workouts.

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