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Winter Workout

With the winter weather starting to take effect, more and more of us are looking into exercise options that are indoors for safety, warmth and security purposes.  We’ve heard it before that treadmills can be boring, but used correctly it can be the best personal trainer you’ve ever had!

You have everything you need to get motivated and achieve your goals! Set your course for optimum fat burning on your own ‘speed interval’ programs. Designed to alternate between ‘hard’ and ‘easy’ – get the time you need to recover strength between each burst of energy! The result?...You’ll burn calories faster!

Here’s some features that make it easy to use your treadmill in winter:

  • Calorie count  – just watch them burn!
  • 12 levels of power incline - Select from 12 levels of incline with quiet, smooth touch control.
  • Magazine rack & accessory holder - Catch up on your reading and the time will fly. And with two holders, one for your water bottle the other for your MP3/iPod/mobile phone you’ve got it all!
  • Soft drop – folds easily. Unlatch the deck for safe hands-free lowering. Precision hydraulics support the weight - makes folding and storage a breeze!
  • Heart rate control – advanced 3 way system
  • Health club features right there in your own home


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