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Do you crunch? Why your core muscles are so important

We don’t notice it in our everyday lives, but having a strong core is linked to our balance, posture, back health and more.  Core muscles are essentially the foundation to our body’s movement whether walking, carrying a bag or exercising.

Sure some of us work on our mid sections for bikini seasons, but here are some other reasons to include core exercises in your workout:

Reduce risk of injury – having core strength helps with everyday tasks like lifting, carrying and working out. So if you’re not utilizing your core muscles during cardio or strength training, you might be on your way to a nasty injury.

Back Pain – If you suffer from it, you know all too well how this can affect your daily life.  When exercising, proper engagement of your core muscles can help prevent back injuries as well as help strengthening the area.

Posture – here’s a quick way to look and feel thinner - stand up straight with shoulders back and core engaged. Try it now! This is a super easy way to reduce aches and pains, especially if you sit or stand in one position at work.

Not sure if your core is weak or tough? You can test yours in a single move — Boat — one of the most common poses you'll see in yoga class.

Start including core strength exercises into your workout regime, and start feeling the results both in your workout and in your daily movement!

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