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Why we should be eating fat

For generations we have been told that eating fat is bad. But now, some scientists are starting to question whether it is in fact the real enemy.

Time Magazine reports that fat is not what is hurting our health. A 2014 article from the British Medical Journal also points out that saturated fat may not be the main issue when it comes to heart disease and weight gain. It turns out the main culprit is sugar. 

Sugar is a hard one to avoid – it’s in so many items on supermarket shelves. From sauces to products advertised as “low fat.”  Having too much sugar can lead to weight gain, increased risk of heart disease, IBS and more.

It’s a complex area that we need greater understanding of. Especially given that we need fats in our body in order to help absorb nutrients and get their benefits.

There is no black and white solution here, and your dietary intake will be specific to your needs. But learning how these new findings may affect our lifestyle is important.

Please note:
This article discusses saturated fats. Scientists universally accept that trans fats—found in many fast foods, bakery products, and margarines—increase the risk of cardiovascular disease through inflammatory processes.
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