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Why an online fitness challenge can get you there

Online fitness challenge

Reaching your goal can be tough when you do it alone

Keeping fit can sometimes be pushed down the priority list. To increase motivation, get organised, connect with others and get you to your goal, an online fitness challenge could be just what the doctor ordered. We are all shopping online, paying bills online, working online… there is no need to leave the house anymore when you get your fitness routine sorted online too.

Signing up to a challenge is a huge step forward and can be the hardest part for some. Once you have made the decision, online fitness challenges are often designed to support you in healthy eating, exercising, and even mental wellbeing through meditation and relaxation. Plus there is a whole bunch of fun to have doing it. It’s a whenever, wherever solution that is there for your convenience. A crucial part in the success of a challenge is the online community of supporters. It’s where you form friends, work together to achieve a goal, and celebrate milestones! Feeling like you are not alone in the process builds motivation and can keep you on track. It also builds habits that can be used after the challenge to sustain a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

So how do you know which challenge is right for you?

  1. Check credentials. One important place to start is the company or person providing the service. There are so many small guys out there these days and you need to ensure the information is credible, reliable, and will help you achieve what it is you want.
  2. Easy access. Although it’s online, it’s best to still check how information will be provided to you. Some ‘guides’ are only provided as a downloadable PDF document which is difficult to scroll through and won’t be motivating week after week. Instead, online workout videos are still proving to be one of the most effective ways to access fitness.
  3. Cost. It’s good to know up front what the costs will be and how payment is taken out. Will it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly? Or a one off payment? Can you cancel at any time? Ensure that the challenge fits within your budget.
  4. Check how progress is evaluated. Are there short term goals to reach that will keep you on track to achieving your end goal?
  5. The end. Check what happens at the end of the challenge. Are there incentives to finishing and reaching your target? Is there support after you have finished – any information or strategies you can take away? After all, it’s best to make this a lifestyle change and not a short term fix.



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