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What is takes to work off a few wines

We have all been there… enjoying a glass of vino with dinner or out with friends. Unfortunately it can undo all the good things we accomplished throughout the week. Like clean eating, or that cardio session on the treadmill. 

So what does it take to burn off alcoholic drinks? And some of us might be wondering what drinks have the least calories, if we do chose to have one every now and then.

Well, depends on your poison. Love a glass of bubbly? Well 1 (150ml) glass of sparkling wine is around 405KJ. It would take approximately 9 minutes of jogging or 21 minutes of walking to work that off.

Is pre-mixed drinks more your fancy? A 275ml bottle is a whopping  701KJ, meaning it would take around 16 minutes of jogging or 36 minutes of walking.

A glass of wine is around 415KJ, so 9 minutes of jogging or 21 minutes of walking to burn that off. Or 1 bottle of alcoholic cider (345ml) would require 17 minutes jogging or 39 minutes of walking to work it out.

And that’s just one drink!

Have you cut down on your alcoholic intake for health reasons or eliminated it altogether? Comment below to let us know.

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