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Treadmills – it is whats under the bonnet that counts

Let’s face it, finally getting up the motivation to fulfil your health goals is hard enough. Deciding on which treadmill can be just a big of a challenge! But not all exercise equipment is the same and understanding what features matter, can mean the difference between living out those goals or not.

Guy Leech, World Iron Man Champion explains, “You can spend months, even years revving yourself up to start exercising and eating properly, only to have a few curve balls put you right back to where you started. It’s absolutely vital that your fitness equipment is quality…”

Treadmills need to be there for you kilometre after kilometre – it has to be effortless performance with every step.

By partnering with American's iconic Motor Company, Guy has come up with the perfect solution. A treadmill which uses Leeson Motors. High performance electrics that have been around for over 80 years, making them ultra-reliable and enduring.

Visit one of our exciting kiosks or Brisbane showroom check out the range of Treadmills, proudly endorsed by Duncan Armstrong and Guy Leech


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