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The exercise accessories you should have in your home gym

An at home gym is a convenient and affordable way to stay healthy and fit. But with so much exercise equipment and extras to choose from, setting up your home gym may seem a little difficult. Below are four accessories that are a great base for any good home gym.


One of the basics, but often forgotten, the treadmill is a great addition to any home gym. It is easy to use but gets your heart pumping in a matter of minutes. Convenient and adaptable, a treadmill is great for those who want to ease into running and cardio exercise or want an all-year-round cardio option.

Towel and water

Although these may be readily available in another room, you should have a towel and water bottle dedicated to your home gym. If possible, a small fridge or a water cooler is a good extra. Set up a towel rack and place a few towels as “exercise only” towels.

Exercise ball

An exercise ball can be used for lots of different activities, including for your pre-workout stretch, to maintain proper posture and for a wide range of exercises, such as sit ups and squats. But make sure you buy a quality product, as cheaper ones may not offer the same benefits and may break from regular use.

Friends and family

It might sound odd, but having a partner is one of the best accessories for you home gym. Many people go to the gym with friends or hire a personal trainer to keep them motivated. The same applies for a home gym. Enlist the help of your partner, a roommate or even your kids to keep you going.

For more advice or to purchase some of the above products for your home gym, talk to the experts at CardioTech. They supply a wide range of fitness products, including a number of home gym packages to get you started.

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