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Tech to your goal

Without a plan, it’s difficult to achieve any goal let alone fitness. Here are 3 tips to get you to your goal using technology at your disposal.


TIP 1 – Use a smartphone to develop a plan.

Do research and be organised via apps that show you how to warm up properly through to apps that provide entire exercise plans.

Tip 2 – Variety is the key.

Doing the same exercise and eating the same foods every day is a sure way to get bored and drop your fitness routine. Use a tablet or smartphone to play your favourite tunes or a podcast to make the time fly!  Even use the console to count your calories burned or distance jogged.

Tip 3 – Making time.

We’ve all heard it or used this excuse at some stage – “I don’t have the time”. Scheduling your day through a digital calander (with reminders) will help you get through everyday duties (like washing, cleaning) and allow you to find time in the day to devote to exercise.

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