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Stay motivated with these top tips

A key to reaching your fitness goals is the maintain momentum. But like a car, to fuel it you don’t need the tank to be completely full to drive, you just need to prevent it from running empty, says Joshua C. Klapow, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and author of Living SMART: 5 Essential Skills to Change Your Health Habits Forever.

If you notice you're lacking a bit of drive, have a break for one to three days. This allows you time to reset and stay on track and you’ll soon see an increase in your motivation levels again.

Quiz yourself
Answering these questions often helps to boost motivation just enough to remind you of why you started the diet in the first place

  • If I stop exercise, how will I look in six months or one year from now?
  • If I stop exercise, how will I feel in six months or one year from now?
  • If I stop exercise, what will my health be like?
  • If I stop exercise, how will my family and friends be affected?

Clean out your closet
Not just your closet, but get some closure to all sorts of loose ends in your life. From paying off debts to improving relationships. By practising commitment and following through with promises, this will help strengthen your other goals like fitness.

Focus on a feeling

It’s easy to focus on a number, like on the scales, or the number of times we’ve worked out. This can sometimes be a demotivator in continuing to strive for your goal. Instead, take note of how you feel after you’ve eaten a healthy meal or after a great workout. Then focus on this feeling during your exercise to boost your determination and passion to keep going.

Build a plan
Like in business, to achieve success it requires a plan and a strategy. Once you know exactly what you want to accomplish and a deadline, work backwards to build a monthly plan of action with realistic and specific goals. 

Reward yourself along the way
Fitness goals, like weight loss or building strength, need to happen over a period of time. So instead of going through the motions and waiting for the final result, why not plan some little rewards along the way (or half way) to keep the motivation alive. It could be as simple as some new nail polish or as luxurious as a trip away. Whichever is a realistic reward that won’t stretch the budget.

Fake it before you make it
Don’t wait to live life to the fullest – go on that vacation, take that dance class, or start that new hobby. Act like you are already at your goal and take note of how it makes you feel. Schedule all those things to do now and shift your mindset from “punishment mode” to rewarding and empowering. 

Hang motivations by the mirror
It might be a favourite quote or a favourite pair of jeans. Whatever is a great daily motivator, why not hang it somewhere you will see each day.

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