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Setting up a home gym

Getting fit and healthy starts at home. And what better way to get motivated and stay there, then with a dedicated space in your home to make it all happen. Home gyms are convenient, tailor-made, and don’t come with ongoing membership fees. Let’s face it, sometimes gyms just aren't always comfortable environments, especially when starting out. 

Here are some top tips on setting up your own workout space, that’s going to get you to your goals efficiently.

The best place to set up, is usually in an area where you can leave the equipment so it’s ready to use at any time. Popular spots are in a spare bedroom, garage or even a corner of your living room. It means you can still be close to the kids, and make time pass quickly in front of a TV or iPad. CardioTech treadmills come with soft drop for easy fold away, so when you’re not using it you can fold it for more compact storing.

Having the right tools means you can get the job done. For certain health goals, like weight loss, you need both cardio and strength training. So look for options or packages where you can cover both these aspects, like a treadmill and vibration machine.

Whatever equipment is right for you, our specialist CardioTech PTs believe it’s worth paying a little extra for the best item you can afford. This way you know it’s safe and it will last. Having a good warranty is also paramount, so if something goes wrong you have peace of mind knowing it will be fixed and it won’t affect your workout momentum. 

Getting Creative
Home exercise has so many benefits. Like the fact that you can easily mix up your workouts simply by incorporating everyday items around the home. Bench seats, sturdy chairs or stairs can become props for step-ups or tricep dips. You can use cans of food or water bottles as weights for upper body strength training, or what about filling a backpack for extra weight to build strong thighs, bottom and back.

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