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Recumbent over upright any day

Cycling tones your thighs, shreds body fat and gets you super fit!

However some of us have avoided using a bike for its lack of comfort and awkward usability.

Using a traditional upright bike usually means thigh burn, uncomfortable seat, the time drags, your hands are glued to the handlebars. You might be breathless within minutes! Now on your Recumbent you can experience a smooth, invigorating ride! Its burning fat and getting better results - in comfort!

  • Plush, form fit adjustable seat
  • Speakers built in
  • Extra large, self balancing pedals!
  • Quality, 9kg Oversized Flywheel for a smooth ride and effortless, quiet, reliable motion.
  • ‘Pulse grip’ heart rate monitoring

A recumbent bike uses more muscles than traditional cycling – recumbents hit your upper thighs, as well as your glutes (buttocks)! Your arms are free to use hand weights for a total body workout! Using more muscles means you burn more calories!

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