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Recovering from a Marathon

After such a tough race, like a marathon, there is always the temptation to veg out. But what you do afterwards can be just as important as all the hard work you did training in the lead up.

Here are some great ways to speed your recovery, so you can get back to living an active life:

Train smart:  The better your preparation before the marathon, the smoother the recovery should be. It helps the muscles adapt to the distance and level of physical demand on the body.

Soothe muscles: After putting yourself through a marathon, your muscles will appreciate some foam rolling massaging to release some of the tension. It’s an inexpensive solution, especially if you can use items around the house like a golf or tennis ball.

Keep diet in check: Go for protein-rich foods to fuel your muscles - they will be looking for it. Research suggests that chocolate milk can work, and don’t forget water to stay well hydrated.

Ice bath: We’ve all seen our sporting heroes do it, but immersing legs in a chilly ice bath has been known to reduce muscle soreness and help maintain strength and flexibility.

Compression socks: These are said to reduce soreness and inflammation. Some of them can be pretty expensive, so best to shop around.

Low impact exercise: Easing back into it means you should opt for low impact forms of exercise initially. Using an exercise bike (soft on your joints) or even swimming are two great ways to be kind to your body.

Every body is unique, so along with these suggestions you need to understand what works best for you. Listen to your body and be prepared to increase or decrease your activity based on your recovery pace. The last thing you want to do is cause an injury. After all, recovery can be a marathon too, not a sprint.


Training for the Gold Coast Marathon happening 5-6 July? Comment below to tell us how your preparation is going, and if you want any questions answered.

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