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New Treadmill? Here are your first 5 must-dos

With a shiny new treadmill set up ready to go, your active wear on, motivation is at an all-time high! So seize this opportunity and set yourself up for success by doing these 5 simple tips.

Start with a walk. 

Treadmills are one of the easiest cardio machines to use, but it’s a matter of getting use to the walking belt and its speed to remain safe and ease into your first bout of exercise. After turning the treadmill on, increase the speed to a slow walking pace. Once you’re comfortable with the motion, step onto the treadmill from the side foot rails (one foot quickly followed by the other). 

The handrails

Getting familiar with the treadmill means using the handrails for balance and getting yourself comfortable and in position. Once you’re confident, let go and swing your arms freely and in a natural motion whether walking or running. Your arm swing can help you to keep your rhythm and even burn more calories.

Heads up. 

You may have a tendency to look down at your feet in the beginning. This could throw you off balance and off your game. Best to look straight ahead with your eyes in the middle, and maintain an upright posture as best as possible. This might seem like an obvious one, but wait until you get distracted and see just how much this can disrupt your flow and coordination. 

Treadmill twirl. 

Once you finish your awesome workout session, you can expect to step off your treadmill and feel a little dizzy. This is your body trying to figure out why the ground has stopped moving. This isn’t anything to worry about, it happens to all of us. If this vertigo feeling keeps occurring after each session, try a slower warm down on the treadmill, walking less and less so your body has time to adjust.

Look the part. 

You have the best piece of equipment to work with, now you also need to look your best. Putting on active wear not only helps with motivation, but it can be the safest option. Especially when it comes to footwear. Having comfortable and supporting running shoes is paramount, and you should never go barefoot.

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