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Treadmill hacks to help lose weight

Use these smart treadmill hacks to get to your dream goal sooner.

Treadmill are still one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment when your goal is to get fit and lose weight. That’s because it’s an excellent way to torch those unwanted calories everytime you step onto it.

Take your treadmill from being a boring hamster wheel to the ultimate kilo shredding machine using these easy to follow hacks:

  1. Mix things up. We all know in order to lose weight, exercise plays an important role along with a healthy diet. The more calories you burn, the more weight loss you may see. Upping the ante in the intensity or duration of your workouts are both great ways to achieve this. But be careful not to tire yourself out too quickly. Find a happy medium so you don’t run too slow or too fast. Using the incline can also be a great way to build intensity and endurance. Alternatively, mix up the speeds so on some days you jog longer and slower, for about an hour, then on the other days you jog faster for a shorter amount of time, for example 20 minutes.
  2. Be an interval master. Short bursts of sprints throughout a workout are an easy way to cut time off your total sesh and centimeters off your waist. Running hard for two minutes, then slow it down for three minutes can help burn more calories. This type of method has been proven to be more effective than low-intensity steady workouts. Start with a speed you can comfortably hold for two to five minutes so you feel energised not exhausted. Try this workout as a starting point to know what’s right for your body and fitness stage.
  3. Incline it like a pro. Using the incline function or a hill program is a great way to help strengthen your body as well as burning fat. Don’t be afraid to reduce your speed when using the incline so that you accurately mimic a real running obstacle. Once you’ve mastered the incline, a hill program is the preferred method here because it uses intervals so you can start to work on maintaining the speed too.
  4. Just keep going. After some time doing treadmill workouts, you will get comfortable and things get easier. This is your opportunity to do a longer workout which will burn more calories. Instead of running for 30 minutes, go for 45 minutes and you could see an increase in calorie burn by as much as 50%.
  5. Find other ways. Research tells us that the best approach to lose weight is to use variety. So don’t do the same workout over and over again. Find your perfect mix of cardio, intervals, resistance training, endurance and stretching. This will help you get to your goal faster and you will enjoy the journey much more long the way.

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