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Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

To stay fit, we need to train our brains as well as our bodies. Half the battle is convincing our minds that we can achieve our goals. Like all humans, conquering challenges and failure is all part of the journey to get to a destination. Tough ask, considering our brains are wired to seek out negative information and store it more quickly to memory.

Sometimes this works in our favour. Finding problems and overcoming them can makes us better, stronger people. By intentionally focusing more intensely on the positives, we can start to create a balance. Find a more happy medium between our critical thoughts and positive affirmations. This is more likely to motivate us, and be more productive and therefore more likely to succeed.

Here are 3 crucial tips to train your brain to stay positive. Try them out today.

  1. Express gratitude.
    When you’re faced with challenges, remind yourself of what’s going right. Seek out the positives, and the good in your life.  This helps create that balance and gives your brain extra time to adjust.
    TASK:  Once a week, write down what you’re thankful for and why.  If you prefer, try downloading an app to your smart device to help get in the habit. Look at “Happier” - a FREE Apple Gratitude app.

  2. Repeat positive affirmations.
    The more you repeat a message, the more you will believe it. So repeating your positive thoughts helps convince your brain to believe them.
    TASK: Choose 2 – 3 affirmations that represent your values and goals. Examples like “There is plenty of time”  “I am getting stronger everyday”  “I will be active and train today”

  3. Challenge negative thoughts.
    We can choose how we respond to negative feelings or thoughts. So next time one arises, combat it by imagining the thought as separate from yourself, as something you can observe and deconstruct. Instead of thinking “I’m a failure”, you might say “I worked hard but didn't get the outcome I was hoping for. What can I do now to change this?”  This interpretation is more gentle, more accurate and more proactive. Overtime, this process will become natural. 

Got some positive pointers? Help a fit friend out by commenting below.
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