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How to Maximise Your Calorie Burn

Whether you’re time poor or lacking motivation, we all want to maximize our workouts so we burn more calories in the time we exercise.  This doesn’t always have to mean working out harder, it can simply mean working out more efficiently.  The key of course is knowing what exercises get you results faster, and how to execute these exercises effectively. With the help of PopSugar, here are some valuable hints and tips for maximizes your workout, for cardio and strength training. 

On the Treadmill
Incorporate speed intervals. Playing with your speed not only burns more calories, but it's also proven to diminish belly fat — a bonus of going faster when running. Here's a fat-blasting interval workout for the treadmill.
Raise the incline. You'll not only feel the burn more in your tush and thighs, but working harder also means burning more calories than if you were running on a flat surface.
Go a little longer. If you can push it for five extra minutes, you'll burn close to 50 more calories.
Pump those arms! Resist the urge to hold on to the side bars, because the more you move, the more calories you'll burn.

On the Exercise Bike
Use the resistance bands to go for a total-body workout. Actively push and pull to burn more calories and work your upper body while raising your heart rate.
Use your console to track your progress. Everything from heart rate to calorie counter is at your fingertips.
Correct leg extension in any sort of cycling (upright or recumbent) is critical to optimize your workout and avoid knee and hip pain. The Recumbent simple pin load and slide system makes optimal seat position adjustment a breeze. 

When Strength Training
Exercises that utilise your own body weight have been shown to burn more calories. Instead of doing shoulder presses with a set of dumbbells, get on the floor and do push-ups instead. Here's a 40+ no-equipment total-body exercises that you can do anywhere!
Force your body to work harder by creating instability. Stand on one leg for your biceps curls, or work with an exercise ball or a BOSU. You'll use more muscles to hold your body steady — not just the ones you're intending to work.
Do supersets, moving quickly from one exercise to the next without resting. This not only saves time so you can get in and out of the gym, but you're also increasing the intensity to work your muscles harder.
Do multitasking moves that work more than one part of the body at once. Theseplank variations are great examples. You can also combine cardio with strength training by grabbing a kettlebell.

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