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How to Make Running Feel Easier

Running is a proven method of burning calories and reducing overall body fat.  Having the motivation to run on your treadmill week in week out is the hard part. Whether it’s finding the time or making it fun, these 5 techniques can revolutionize your workout – so you get the results … and faster!

Start slow:  No need to run like an athlete the minute you step onto the treadmill. Instead, slow down the pace and begin with speed where you’re breathing a little faster than if you were just walking. Focus on your technique to avoid common aches and injuries. As your body becomes stronger, you will naturally want to increase speed and distance.

Set calendar reminders:  Your body needs to get into a rhythm.  The more you run on your treadmill, the easier it will become. Running can help strengthen muscles and build endurance.  That awesome feeling after you’ve finished – you can breathe so much easier! Don’t forget to gradually increase the number of kilometres per workout.

Make it enjoyable: Listening to your favourite tunes, or podcasts are 2 of the most common ways to past the time.  Download running apps or (if your budget permits) invest in some workout wear that makes you feel motivated the moment you put it on.

Spice it up with variety: Running can get repetitive, but it doesn’t need to get boring. Use the various programs already built into your treadmill to keep your body guessing. Using the incline is a great way to challenge yourself and build strong legs (which will make it easier to run in the future!).

Cardio plus strength: mix up your running workouts with strength exercises to build a better body – faster! Even try activities that involve friends and family, and may not feel like exercise at all; like biking, hiking, dancing or swimming.

Got some other hints and tips to treadmill running? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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