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How to get positive in our everyday

We all have our ups and downs. But its how we can turn the frown upside down that really matters :)

Negative emotions stop us from thinking and behaving rationally and seeing situations in their true perspective. When this occurs, we tend to see only we want to see and remember only what we want to remember. This only prolongs the anger or grief and prevents us from enjoying life.

Emotions are psychological (what we think) and biological (what we feel). Our brain responds to our thoughts by releasing hormones and chemicals which send us into a state of arousal. All emotions come about in this way, whether positive or negative.

It is a complex process and often we don't have the skills to deal with negative feelings. That’s why we find it hard to cope when we experience them.

There are ways we can turn this situation around, starting today.

  • Try to keep perspective. Take your mind off the issue and avoid going over them time and again in your mind.
  • Accept that bad feelings are occasionally unavoidable and think of ways to make yourself feel better.
  • Relax - use pleasant activities like reading, walking or talking to a friend.
  • Notice how grief, loss and anger make you feel and which events trigger those feelings so you can prepare in advance.
  • Exercise - aerobic activity lowers your level of stress chemicals and allows you to cope better with negative emotions.
  • Let go of the past - constantly going over negative events robs you of the present and makes you feel bad.

AND don’t forget to smile, release some happy endorphins, and have an amazing day!

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