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How to get more energy in your day

Keep your body humming throughout the day, no matter whether you have work demands or trying to fit in that workout.

Breakfast like a king
So what works against our all-day mojo? Well, for starters it’s our breakfast habits (or lack of). When we sleep, our body is using up all the stores of energy so come morning we need to refuel in order to get us moving again. Opt for a healthy and low GI breakfast to sustain your rhythm all day.

Wake up, get up
Keep hitting the snooze button? Well your body is getting confused. To keep it in a regular cycle, try to get out of bed at a similar time each day so your mind and body know when to awaken and get on with the day.

Let there be light
One of the best ways to alert your body to the morning, is to open the blinds or curtains and let the natural sunlight in. If you’re a shift worker and your night becomes your day, turn on the light. Try using a bulb which projects a cool white, like what a fluorescent bulb or LED produces. These actually match the sun’s light better than the old yellow incandescent.

Frantic mornings
If mornings to you mean rushing to get showered, dressed, fed, prepared…. And that’s just the kids! Then you’re not alone. But having a hectic morning routine means you’re setting the pace for the whole day so at the end of it you’re left feeling frustrated and tired. If you can, set your alarm clock to wake 15 minutes before your usual time.  Take these precious moments to get out of bed slowly, get yourself showered first and even spend a moment or two meditating. Avoid the desire to look at a phone or tablet device or anything else which can switch your brain in a “task” mode.

Work it out
Not all of us are morning exercisers, but it’s a perfect time to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping and your 30 minutes in before your day gets hijacked with other things. Walking (or a low-intensity aerobic workout) three times a week helps increase energy levels and fight poor sleep. Not to mention all the other obvious health benefits of exercise for your mind and body.

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