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How much sweat is too much?

Everyone sweats, whether it's a hot day outside or you are trucking along on a treadmill.Sweating is our body's way of cooling itself down. Our sweat glands produce perspiration which is then carried to the skin's surface to lower the body's temperature.

You can control the situation, to a degree. If you are a coffee drinker, caffeine can increase the amount you perspire. If you're worried about it, try cutting down a cup or two a day. Other things that contribute to sweating is alcohol or smoking. Nicotine can affect hormones, skin and even the brain. Just another good reason to give it up.

Sweating can also occur when you wear certain types of fabric. Synthetic fibres can trap heat and make you feel even hotter, and therefore sweat more. Have a read of clothing tags to check out what materials a garment is made from. Cotton is a preferred fabric, as its natural and will allow your skin to breathe. Just bear in mind, clothing can be made from a mix of cotton and synthetics materials.

So how do you know if the amount you sweat is excessive? Although women have more sweat glands, the glands on men tend to be more active. This is why their sweat seems to be more obvious. Generally speaking, sweating usually occurs when you're exercising, nervous or anxious or in a stressful situation.

Nearly 2-3% of the population have hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. This is when the sweat glands don't shut off and so sweating can occur even when the circumstances don't call for it. And sweat will be noticeable on palms of their heads, feet, back, and face, even if the environment is cold or they are not moving. Most of the time this type of sweating is harmless. If you are concerned that your sweating is interrupting your life, consult your doctor to see what treatment options are available.

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