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Healthy Habits In The Home

Home is an important place to create and maintain harmony and happiness. This includes having an area where you can workout, relax, feel inspired and rest.

There are some simply ways that don’t take much effort but can dramatically improve the mood and health of your home to make everyday life better for you and your family.

Make the bed each morning.
It’s a simple one, but having a bedroom that’s neat and tidy can help create the feeling of being organised and comfortable. Just like taking pride in your appearance, making an effort to dress the bed each day can lift the spirits and evoke the feeling of gratitude in your home.

Light up the room
Having some ambient light in a room can set a warm and cozy vibe. Each night, switch on some soft lamps or light some candles to create a soft calming mood. Just magical after a long day at the office.

Practice random acts of kindness
Everyone appreciates some reassurance from friends and family. So take 5 minutes to compliment someone close to you, or arrange a coffee catch up. Even post something positive on a social site. This small act can have a big impact on their day, and also make you feel good too.

Dedicate a space to workout in
Home fitness equipment is great because it’s so convenient . Why not create a space that has all the necessary items ready to go. Position your equipment (free from any obstructions), place a sweat towel nearby, set up some speakers or turn your TV for a better view. Making it this easy to get going, will mean you’re less likely to find excuses not to exercise. 

Inspirational words on the wall
The clever people at Lorna Jane have come up with their very own Art Shop. So why not use some these prints around your home, like the bedroom or workout space to truly inspire you.

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