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Get Juicing This Summer

So many of us are obsessed with the juicing craze right now, including celebrities. And why shouldn't you be, when they are jam-packed with fruit and veg to get you looking and feeling great.  Especially as the weather warms up, it’s a perfect time to have some blended juices in the fridge ready to go, or even try freezing some to create your very own homemade sorbets.

So here are our top tips for great tasting juices this summer:

Yep, that’s right. You wouldn't think it, but combined with apple, lemon, celery and spinach this combination is sooo delicious and rich in antioxidants. It’s mind blowing.

Go Green. 
A common juice, but oh so very delicious. There are so many recipes here that you can mix and match and have some fun playing with all different ingredients.  A popular combination is apple, spinach, cucumber, parsley, ginger and lemon. A great immune booster.

Fight the flu
If a change of season or too much partying has got you under the weather, it’s a good idea to blast your body with plenty of nutrients that can help build your body’s defense.  Try apple, ginger, and carrot. Just three ingredients but a powerful combo.  The vitamin C works as a natural antioxidant, ginger with its anti-viral properties will build immunity and carrots rich in beta-carotene (and covert to vitamin A), will also help strengthen your body. 

Got a great juice recipe to share? Comment below to let us know!

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