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Smart Workouts using Functional Movement Exercises

It sounds technical, but in fact Functional Movement Exercises (FME) are simple. It’s a way of training which aims to move your entire body and not just isolate large muscles at a time (like body builders). It’s about smart workouts to get the whole body moving without a higher risk of injury along the way.

The exercises simultaneously use multiple muscles and joints to improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility — to get a challenging, effective and fun full-body workout as well as prepare the body for everyday, real-world activities. You'll get a dynamite and functional workout with getting bored.  Mix these up with cardio on the treadmill so you don't forget to train the most important muscle of all - your heart! 

With FME there are three types of movements:
1. Sagittal
2. Frontal
3. Transverse

Most of us will work in a sagittal, using a forward and back motion in basic squat, lunge, bicep curls and crunches.

Then switch it up by adding side lunges, speed skaters, lateral shoulder raises, start jumps etc for frontal plane movement and add some twisting motions like Russian twists with a medicine ball or cable chops to move in the transverse plane. By moving more holistically your body will become stronger, you will be more symmetrical and reduce the risk of injury.

Check out Functional Movement Systems for exercises or Lorna Jane's FME Guide10 Full-Body Exercises from SheKnows.

FMS is one of the latest fitness trends. Check out more in our blog 2014 Fitness Trends to Try.


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