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Five ways to tone your stomach

As swimwear season creeps up, many are trying to shed those winter kilos before the sun heats up. If you are looking to tone your stomach, the following are five exercises using CardioTech machines to fast-track you to a bikini belly!

Crunches on the BioFlex

Using the 90 degree position on a BioFlex Machine, place your hands behind your head and pull your body up in an “L” shape, using your stomach muscles to pull you through. You can also do some variations of crunches to activate your abdominals even more. Put your arms in front of you with your hands touching in an arrow shape, pointing to the left for one rep and to the right for the next. Do these 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.


Activate all of your muscles with a good round of boxing. Focus on holding your core tight while you kick and punch the various pads on the machine. You can also get a friend to hold up some boxing pads if you are on the go.

Torso Twist on the Vibration Machine

Stand on the machine with your legs hip width apart. Lift your arms out to your sides, bending the elbow. Your fists should be next to your ears. Life your left knee to your right elbow as you twist your torso, repeating the move for 30 seconds. Then do the same thing with your right knee and left elbow.

Cardio on the Treadmill

While it may not specifically target the tummy, a treadmill is a great way to increase your fitness and lose weight, activating a number of muscles at once. Place your treadmill in front of the television and watch a surfing movie or listen to a beachy soundtrack to get you motivated.

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