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Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing

There are plenty of theories out there on how to work out. And it’s a good thing that we’re all having these conversations and putting thought to living a more active life.  But there are a few myths that may sway some people into doing things that may not necessarily make them fitter or healthier. So here are a few from PopSugar’s recent interview with Adam Crooks – Personal Trainer.

Muscle weighs more than fat
It’s a bit misleading this one.  You see, a kilogram is still a kilogram no matter what we’re talking about. But the difference here is that muscle is more dense than fat, so a kilogram of muscle will occupy less space than a kilogram of fat.

Ridiculous amounts of sit-ups are guaranteed to give you a six pack
Our ab muscles play the part to stabilise us and our posture. But doing endless amounts of sit-ups won’t make them more prominent without the help of a specialise diet to trim the waist line and allow the muscles to be seen more easily.

Training helps rid our body of toxin after a big night
Sweating out toxins after a big night is not a good thing. If you are dehydrated, exercising can have detrimental effects on your workout.  If your body is dehydrated by just 3%, this can cause a 10% loss in muscle strength.

Exercising to lose weight
Exercising plays an integral part in a weight loss goals, however, it won’t matter how much exercise you do if you don’t combine it with healthy eating. This combination is the smartest way to target fat.

Weight training will make you look like Arnie
Most of us women don’t have enough testosterone to gain loads of bulk.  Body builders follow very strict diets and consume a certain number of calories to achieve the results their looking for. So don’t be shy to give strength training a go.


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