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Fit Advocate For Nov: Brooke

When it comes to positivity, our Fit Advocate for the month of November is your go-to girl - Brooke. Located at our Westfield Helensvale Kiosk, Brooke radiates goodness with her infectious smile and pure passion for a healthy and energetic life. We had the privilege of chatting to her and gaining a glimpse of how she embraces all things fit.


CT: How do you incorporate healthy living in your life?

B: Healthy living is a lifestyle to me. It’s not about incorporating anything, it is how I choose to live and so is really easy for me. I choose to be fit and eat healthy, I understand that it’s a way of life. My health is my most valuable commodity so I choose to actively invest my time, energy and money into it. When you shift your mindset and look at being healthy as a lifestyle it makes things really simple.

CT: Who is your fashion/fitness/fun icon?

B: Cameron Diaz for all three. She is such a bright, happy, easy going, vivacious fun woman.

CT: What equipment do you use to reach your goals?

B: I’m a runner and so love to run. I have a treadmill at home for when I can’t get outside. No excuses. I’m also a huge advocate for vibration training and I play women's gridiron. Variety is key for me.

CT: What’s your favourite program?

B: Intervals of 60 seconds on to 30 seconds off.

CT: Top beauty secret…

B: Lots of sleep, water and a healthy diet. Vibration to make my skin glow and sunshine to make me smile.

CT: Best piece of advice you’ve been given, heard or told… 

B: Listen to your body, because if you don’t your body will find a way to make you listen!!

CT: The ideal fitness weekend for you…

B: Sleep in until 8am, 5-6km run, breakfast by the beach, and some sunshine, weights after lunch then an afternoon nap to complete my perfect day! Bliss!

CT: Your most loved fitness item that you can’t live without… 

B: My Nike 3.0 free runs! By far the best running shoes I have ever owned!

CT: What’s your ‘go-to’ healthy recipe/shake that makes you feel good on the inside…

B: Breakfast smoothie – ½ cup oats, banana, handful of berries, scoop of protein powder, a tsp of super greens and water to mix.

CT: Workout song of choice…

B: Skrillex – Bangarang.

CT: How do you keep inspired?…

B: I’m a massive self-educator who is constantly reading and learning. I have a thirsty mind and like to keep abreast of industry changes and trends.

CT: Tights or shorts…

B: Tights in the gym, shorts when I’m running.

CT: The one quote you always find inspiring on those ‘not so great days’…

B: “Summer bodies are made in winter” or “short term sacrifices pay long term dividends”

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