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Fit Advocate for Dec: Gail

Our Fit Advocate for the month of December is your inspirational girl - Gail. Located at our Westfield North Lakes Kiosk, Gail (despite what she says) has a lot selfless love to give. And is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things health. As a mum, and wellness believer, she inspires her customers to be the best version of themselves. Read our chat to her below. 

How do you incorporate healthy living in your life?
When I go to work, I train – Just like brushing my teeth its just part of my lifestyle!

Who is your fashion/fitness/fun icon?
Everyday mothers who set examples and help to inspire and motivate others like me.

What equipment do you use to reach your goals?
X9+ and CV12

What’s your favourite program?
Interval training on X9 (P9) and CV12

Top beauty secret…
Always moisturise after bath/shower.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given, heard or told…
What has happened, has happened, leave it behind! Still working on it though!!

The ideal fitness weekend for you…
Adventure weekend – camping, kayaking, hiking with family

Your most loved fitness item that you can’t live without…
My head bands – keeps me looking good even when I’m exhausted!!

What’s your ‘go-to’ healthy recipe/shake that makes you feel good on the inside…
Blueberry yoghurt protein shake with flaxseeds – YUM!!

Workout song of choice…
Too many! Depends on my mood.

How do you keep inspired?…
I’m very vain so I want to look after myself! Also I know this helps my daughters to look after themselves – so my kids inspire me as well.

Tights or shorts…
Tights for winter, shorts for summer.

The one quote you always find inspiring on those ‘not so great days’…
When I have those days they are my best work out days – I know I will always feel great when I am finished!

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