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Exercising with bub – five different at home workouts for busy parents

Being an at home parent can be like a full time job. There is a lot to do, from cleaning the house and making meals to spending time with your child and keeping them away from trouble. Even with extra help from your partner or friends, it can be difficult to find time to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, you don’t need to go to a gym or set aside a huge amount of time to keep fit. With a few simple workouts and some at home equipment, you can be happy and healthy and still have time to enjoy a break with your loved ones. Here are just five workout ideas for busy parents:

1. Run while watching TV

An affordable and time efficient way to exercise is with treadmill hire. Companies, like CardioTech, offer treadmills you can rent to buy. This will not only save you money on gym fees and upfront costs, but will also allow you to exercise while doing something else, such as watching TV. This will also make the activity more enjoyable.

2. Use your furniture

The humble chair is perfect for an wide range of exercises. You could do chair dips, squats, step ups and standing hip extensions all with the furniture you already have in your own home. Whether it is for 10 minutes or half an hour, completing these activities is easy and will keep your fit and energised.

3. Get baby involved

Can’t leave baby alone for too long? Use them as a mini personal trainer! You can get baby to hold onto your feet while doing sit ups and crunches, use them as a weight for press ups and even just playing with your child will keep you on your toes.

4. Go where the grass is greener

Just because you are an at home parent, doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time indoors! If your child is an infant, get them in the pram and get walking. The weight of the pram is a great addition for uphill climbs and if your child is a bit older, running after a newly walking toddler in the park is sure to get the blood pumping!

5.Play some video games

These days, there is no excuse to not exercise. Make it fun by purchasing a video console that requires movement, such as the Kinect for Xbox or the PlayStation Move controller. Even the Wii can get you up and moving.

 Need more help? For more advice about how to maintain an exercise regime as a busy mum or dad, talk to the fitness experts at CardioTech today.

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