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Eating Clean: 20 Most Popular Snack Ideas

So many of us battle a hectic daily routine. The key to juggling a busy schedule is to maintain stable energy levels throughout the day. Snacking on nutritious food options will keep you fuelled up, but, unfortunately, the most easily accessible snacks are not always the healthiest! Packages of processed chips, crackers, and fruit snacks lurk behind the glass of every vending machine. They are so tempting and so naughty, not only for our health but our wallets!

Thankfully, there are other options. By stocking your pantry, desk, or handbag with unprocessed snacks, you’ll quickly eliminate refined sugar, sodium, and unnecessary chemicals from your diet. And always have options available when you need an energy hit.

Here are 20 popular ideas for snacks:

1. Veggies with hummus
2. Apple and peanut butter
3. Almonds and an apple
4. Hard boiled eggs
5. Rice cakes with nut butter
6. Greek yoghurt with berries
7. Banana and nut butter
8. Organic popcorn
9. Avocado on toast
10. Smoothies
11. Cottage choose with fruit
12. Nuts & raisins
13. Hummus & Whole gain pita
14. Roasted seeds with fruit
15. Homemade chips & guacamole
16. Cheery tomatoes
17. Celery and peanut butter
18. Roasted chickpeas
19. Cheese and plain crackers
20. Veggies and clean ranch dressing

What are your go-to choices? Comment below to let us know!

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