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Easy Treadmill Workouts for Mums-To-Be

Exercise should be a part of any healthy pregnancy. It can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy-related conditions while helping you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. In particular, experts say walking is one of the best ways to keep active during pregnancy. It offers your changing body many benefits and can prepare you for labour and delivery.

The treadmill provides a safe and effective environment for exercise during pregnancy. If you were a runner before becoming pregnant you may continue to run on the treadmill, but don't try to start up a running program during pregnancy. Here is one treadmill workout specially designed for pregnant women.

Warm up - After stretching, start at a pace where you can feel your heart rate come up, but where you are able to comfortably maintain a conversation. Maintain this speed for 5 minutes and make sure you’re moving your whole body to get your blood flowing.

2 minute intervals - run and recover - Once you’ve warmed up, increase the speed until you’re at pace where you're slightly out of breath. You might want to increase the incline to help elevate your heart rate without increasing the speed. After 2 minutes return to your warm-up pace and lower the incline back to 1%. You should be able to breathe out of your nose by the end of this recovery period. Once you have recovered, speed up your pace again for a 2 minute jog, this time with a slightly steeper incline than before. Repeat the recovery period. If you're still feeling out of breath throughout this recovery period, lower the incline level. After 2 or 3 minutes repeat the jogging interval and try increasing the incline once more. You should aim to repeat this run and recover pattern for 20 minutes but don’t be afraid to cut your workout short if you become fatigued.

Warm down - It’s important you spend at least 5 minutes warming down and stretching after a workout. This will help you recover from your exercise and prevent unnecessary post-workout injuries.  For the first two minutes, lower your pace to 2.5 and incline level to 0.5. For the last 3 minutes, slow to a leisurely walking pace and lower your incline to flat. At the end of your cool-down period and before you step off the treadmill to stretch, your breathing should be slow and controlled.

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