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How to avoid making the Biggest Nutrition Mistakes

Here are the most common nutrition myths that most women find themselves making when either dieting or just trying to live a healthier life. As well as tips on how to avoid these traps which can send you off track or demotivate us.

Calorie counting: There are plenty of weight loss programs out there that follow this method of quality V quantity.  At first glance, this process makes sense but it doesn’t provide the whole picture.  It’s easy to become fixated on counting everything you eat but in the long run it’s not always practical and achievable.

TIP – Focus on including lots of fruit and vegetables into your diet.  This can be easier than you think, especially if you start the day with a green smoothie or juice.

Inconsistency: Many women start and stop eating plans because they simply lose motivation or their hectic schedules get in the way.

TIP – Preparation is the key. Commit to spending a few hours on a Sunday preparing meals and snacks for the coming week.  If you have it ready to go in the fridge, you can quickly grab what you need and go. And no need to skip a meal or reach for processed foods when hunger takes over.

Dehydration: Getting enough H20 plays a part in any nutritional plan. Water is needed to properly function, otherwise you run into issues like fatigue, headaches, dizziness or even long term issues like kidney or liver dysfunction.

TIP – Always carry a water bottle or have one within reach at your desk.  If water is too plain for you, try adding some lemon, ginger, cucumber or mint. Extra refreshing, especially in the hot months.

Eating when you’re not hungry:  We've all heard of emotionally eating, and women tend to be better at this. Whether it’s because we are stressed, sad or we have confused another emotion for hunger, food is put before anything else.
TIP – Try and distract yourself from food temptations. Exercise, read a book or even opt for healthy options if you have to eat.  Getting rid of all junk food in the house or at your work desk helps remove this option.

Do you have some great nutrition & exercise tips to share? Comment below to help a fit friend out!
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