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Be more active at work

We all know that sitting for hours all day at work can affect your health and squash any progress that you’re trying to achieve. Even if you regularly exercise before or after work, it doesn’t offset the damage from sitting down all day. But for a lot of us, there is no choice because of the nature of office life. Here are some tips to get your body moving, stretching and working throughout the day.


Stand Up

If you can set up a standing desk you can burn up to 150 calories every hour. That means you’re burning more than 1000 calories if you stand for 8 hours!! Standing can actually also help to relieve back pain and improve your posture which can be caused by sitting in front of a computer all day. It will cancel out the negative effects of sitting along with improving your concentration and productivity. Another idea is to use a workout ball instead of a chair, with no back it will force you to sit up straight and hold your core. If you can get the office involved it will be better for business with more productivity and less sick days.



Sitting for hours leads to weight gain, but it can also be one of the causes for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and bowel cancer. So before you sit down, get in some squats, every time you have to stand up; complete 5 squats when you get back to your desk!!

Stand about one inch in front of your chair, holding in your abdominals. Squat and squeeze your glut muscles. Breaking up your day with squats will help your overall heart health and you’ll add to the training you’ve been doing all week. If you’re self-conscious about doing it in the office, head to the bathroom or an empty meeting room.


Office push-ups

If you don’t think you can do push-ups in the office, you’re wrong!! It’s actually very easy to sneak this into your work day. All you need is a flat surface; and it doesn't actually have to be horizontal. Try doing push-ups with your hands on the wall instead of on the floor. Try starting with 10 to 15 a day and you should see some noticeable differences.



Varicose veins can become more likely and prominent if we are sitting all day so we need to get your circulation going and your blood flowing. If you’re not already, take the stairs instead of the lift. You can also get the same result at your desk because it’s the marching movement that’s important. Just 1 minute of this will re-oxygenate your heart, brain and lungs and will be exactly what you need to combat swollen ankles or varicose veins. If you don’t have a timer just do it while you read through your emails.  



Stretching at your desk is an easy way to get your muscles activated and blood circulated. Here is a quick stretch routine that you should try every hour if you can.

  • Reach both arms up to the ceiling and arch your back in your chair extending your chest out. Then, bring your arms down and stretch your shoulders forward, opening the upper back. Do this every hour to eliminate neck pain between your shoulder blades.


  • Be mindful of how you’re sitting, if you cross your legs your hip flexors will be shortened and your blood circulation will slow down. This can cause discomfort in the hips or in your lower back. To stretch your hips; start with your feet on the floor, lift one ankle on to the opposite thigh. Slowly lean forward over your legs while keeping your back straight. Hold it for about 3 seconds and then do it with the opposite leg.


  • Shrugging your shoulders 10 times to release your neck muscles and take some tension away from the base of your skull will help you avoid a lot of headaches starting.


  • Stretch your wrists by doing air circles (arms out like an airplane and making circles in the air with your hands).


  • For the ladies, wearing heels can cause a lack of ankle mobility so extend your legs and point your toes, now trace a circle on the floor with your big toe. Do this 3 times a day in both directions to keep your joints happy.


Do more in your break

Staying seated for long periods of time is bad for your heart so why would you sit down during your break? Use the time to take a walk around the block, in the park or on the beach. Just get moving and get some fresh air. You already know you should so today I want you to follow through on it. Be mindful of how much you’re moving during the day and don’t get tied to your desk.

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