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Running on a treadmill has many advantages, especially in summer!

Here are the top 6 reasons why treadmills are one of the most popular exercise machines around!

  1. Comfort and safety. No extreme heat or cold. No rain or wind. No darkness. No traffic. No mean dogs, wild animals or weirdos. If you say treadmill training removes the spirit of adventure that outdoor running provides, well, yes, it can. However, in the name of safety and comfort, it often pays to heed the call of the great indoors.
  2. The best place to work on improved running form. Combine the steady roll of the treadmill belt with the controlled indoor environment, and you've got the perfect setting to work on your running form.
  3. Guilt-free TV time. Okay, so you can't match the Kenyans. You can still use the TV to improve your running. Pick whatever show you just can't bear to miss—from a sports event to Ellen —and let it transport you through a mindless training run. Remember: Every workout is a good workout, even if it doesn't move you any closer to the Olympics. Best of all, if you log 30 or 60 minutes of treadmill time, you don't have to feel guilty about turning on the tube.
  4. A smooth transition to running. Exercising on a treadmill may be the easiest, most natural way to make the transition from walking to running. Why? Because as you walk faster and faster (and see the calorie-burning number increase on your display console), you begin to realise that you'll burn even more calories if you go faster.
  5. A range of customised workouts. CardioTech treadmills come with built-in training programs that, with the push of a few buttons, operate on automatic pilot during a workout.
  6. Excellent heart-rate monitoring. Built-in heart-rate functions are standard equipment on CardioTech’s high-quality home treadmills, and they can make your training more scientific and more effective.

Not to mention injury prevention, music motivation and program variety.

So get started today!



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