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Your downtime is spent in front of the tv = sneaky weight gain

Why it causes weight gain: At the end of a long day sitting on the couch, remote in hand may be your idea of heaven. Unfortunately, it may also undo all the hard work you put in at the gym, reports a study cited in the International Journal of Obesity.

The researchers found those watching one to 2.5 hours a day – which is the equivalent of watching one episode of Masterchef followed by The Amazing Race – were 93 per cent more likely to be overweight compared to participants who reported watching less than one hour of television a day. And those watching 2.5 to four hours were 183 per cent more likely to be overweight. 

What you can do: Whether it’s mindlessly snacking, eating dinner as you catch up on the latest reality show or sitting stationary for hours on end that’s causing your waistline to expand, the best way to avoid it is to put a limit on your TV viewing. Pick and only watch your favourite show, do some simple exercises in the ad breaks and avoid eating when you’re on the couch

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