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You are what you eat - By Duncan Armstrong

You are what you eat. This is one of the great sayings that you can live your life by, although it always reminds of a funny line Rugby Great Chris ‘Buddha’ Handy uses when entertaining and audience. Buddha jokes ‘My mum told me plenty of times, you are what you eat, but for the life of me I can’t remember eating a short fat ugly bloke with glasses!’

Since retiring from Olympic Swimming I have always struggled with my weight. Unless I exercise like a demon I seem to always gain kilos, it’s a big drag. Every holiday season, no matter which one, I gain plenty of weight just playing with the kids and give back all the ground I gain with my fitness routine.

Until I dropped sugar from my life.

I love my cardiotech treadmill, I have an X12 in the garage and it’s one of my simple pleasures in life to jump on for a quick run and de-stress. But the sting was I had to be super consistent to be the weight I wanted to be, however, now I’m off sugar I’m back to enjoying my running when I feel like it. Now it’s pure pleasure. Sugar is an addictive substance and I felt like it was poisoning my body and helping me put on weight. I read a book called ‘Sweet Poison’ by Brisbane based father of six David Gillespie and decided to follow its recommendation of getting out of my sugar addiction. Although it’s a bit tough going for the first 6 to 8 weeks it’s so totally worth the effort.  This isn’t a diet, no calorie counting, no food plans. Just get rid of sugar and you’ll feel incredible and your weight will drop to your ideal shape. The biggest bonus is for your exercise routine, because your energy level is so much more consistent you feel like doing more and your weight doesn’t yo yo.

I dare you to give it a try, find the book and get into it. Ensure that all your exercise gains from hard work is converted into a body that you deserve.

Duncan ArmstrongOlympic Gold Medalist  

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