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Who ever heard of Failure in a Fitness Regime?

“Failure” is usually a word that should be furthest from your mind when attempting to get back on the fit track. However the staff at CardioTech have recently opted for introducing this into their motivation regime. Why you ask? Well our take on failure is a little unconventional to most. Failure in the eyes of a CardioTech staff member is actually reaching the point at which you absolutely can't do another repetition.

Now this goal may seem near-impossible for most, however owing to a simple introduction of several weekly 10 minute exercise sessions on any of our Vibration machines, you can build up your training resistance and break through that pain barrier once and for all. The innovative technology behind these machines enables you to train at a greater gravity force in every moment you perform. So the longer you stay on and the higher the level of vibration, the stronger your thirst for pain will be. Just imagine getting to 50 squats and loving every second of it??? By building up your pain tolerance, you can approach other forms of training with greater ease. So at CardioTech “failure” isn’t such a bad word in our eyes, because we see the real benefits behind it!

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