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What’s your body type? Knowing will help you exercise more efficiently

To kick off the blog this week we take a look at body types, this is a real eye opener!

Did you know that by adapting your exercise program and the food you eat to suit your body type you can improve the effectiveness of your training and benefit more greatly nutritionally?

In a snapshot:

There are 3 main body types - Ectomorph (naturally skinny people with a fast metabolism), Endomorph (big boned and rounder body shape, slower metabolism) and Mesomorph (the lucky ones - they gain muscle as easily as an Endomorph and lose like an Ectomorph).

Ectomorphs: Weight Training Exercises are the most important to build lean muscle mass, ideally 3 x 1 hour sessions each week and short intense cardio sessions to build fitness.  Ectomorphs need the highest level of carbohydrates and more good fats in their diet.

Endomorphs: Low to moderate intensity cardio sessions - long and slow, 90 minutes is ideal, daily if possible + 2 x ½ hour weight training sessions each week.  Endomorphs can put on weight more easily so need to eat less fat and carbohydrates, the exact amount would depend on each individual.

Mesomorph: Weight Training Exercises and High intensity cardio - with rest periods.  A Mesomorph will ideally undertake shorter intense sessions of cardio activity and 3 x 1 hour weight training sessions. Mesomorphs need to eat more carbohydrates and more fat than the endomorph.

So which one are you?  You can be any of the above types or a combination.  This is a fascinating topic and one that can unlock the key to improved fitness.


You cannot change your body type however you can change your weight, your body fat and your muscle mass.
Your results will depend on your activity and lifestyle habits. Understanding your body type simply gives you your fitness foundations from which you can then focus on implementing an efficient exercise and nutrition program. 

It is important to emphasise that the actual nutrition program would depend on your size, body composition and health/fitness goals.  It is recommended that people who want to know more about their body type undertake an in-depth questionnaire and assessment to determine what their individual body type is. Looking at someone's visual appearance is generally not enough.

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