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What is WBV and why is it so good for you?

“Whole Body” refers to all the body parts. Whole Body really means that – your muscles, bones, tendons, sinews, cartilage, nerves, and organs are all stimulated at the same time. A Vibration Machine is simply movement, that’s all. On some types of machines it simulates a safe natural walking motion, others jumping up and down, but with less impact than either types of exercise.

Everyone can and should use Whole Body Vibration therapy – from the sedentary to the professional athlete. Some of the users who most rely on Whole Body Vibration are people who want to spend only 10 minutes to do a full workout. Some well-known celebrities who have been reported to use Vibration include: Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Bridget Nickerson, Karl Lagerfeld and Natalie Imbrugila.

There are two main types available – Oscillating ( Pivotal ) and Vertical ( Lineal ). Both systems create an involuntary stretch reflex and similar results. 


The plate offers a stimulus to the body and the body reacts with multiple muscle contractions. The body is offered a motion in quick smooth movements ( a vibration ) and it automatically reacts to them; this reaction stretches the muscle spindles, which send a signal to the spinal cord, then to the muscle, creating a muscle contraction. It is called “involuntary exercise”, simply because you do not have to “think” about it.

  1. A Vertical Vibration Machine ( Lineal ) simulates a jump for the user. In this scenario, muscles on both sides of the body contract simultaneously ( must be done in an exercise pose for the proper response )
  2. Oscillating Machines ( Pivotal ) “see-saw” from side to side. The “see-saw” motion stimulates something called proprioception which is one of the ways exercise engages our brain so we learn to balance.

Benefits of Vibration

There are so many possible benefits to Whole Body Vibration, just like all exercise.
  • may help improve bone density,
  • may help Improve muscle tone
  • may help Increase metabolism
  • may help Improve circulation
  • may help Decreases cellulite
  • may help Enhance lymphatic drainage
  • may help Reduce stress
  • may help Increase flexibility
  • may help Decrease general aches, pains and stiffness
When you are on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, 97% of all muscles are engaged, as opposed to only 30% when exercising normally. So it is both safe and very time effective.
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