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Wellness – it’s a paradigm shift

Symptoms are usually warning signs that some malfunction is well advanced, and anti-tobacco lobbies use this to great effect. They show repulsive graphic images of toxic effluents squeezed out of the lungs of smokers, or autopsies of diseased organs, illustrating very powerfully and effectively that we simply aren’t aware of most of what is going on inside us until it’s too late. Are symptoms really the ‘big bad wolf’, or is the problem (symptom) actually the solution?

It’s not always the modality of care that we choose to heal but rather our approach that makes all the difference.

True Health is not about ‘waiting ‘til it’s broke to fix it. We don’t wait until our teeth are itchy before we brush them. Incorporating things like exercise and chiropractic care into our lifestyle are choices we make to ensure we stay well, before expect a miracle ‘cure’.

This wellness revolution is fuelled by the quest for anti-aging, health and vitality. People who once wouldn’t have thought twice about popping a sleeping pill or pain killer are now aware of the side effects and astonished to discover that chiropractic is actually 250 [1] times safer than an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory!

The world health organisation states that true health is not just about the lack of symptoms or disease, but a state of optimal function. We have the best doctors and drugs, yet we are getting sicker and sicker. Doctors are excellent when it comes to an emergency or treating sickness and disease! But why wait? Investing in your health is about the only place you can guarantee a return in this Global Financial Crisis.

We can live to 100, but, “what was the quality of life like?” Wellness is about being proactive, not reactive. True health happens by choice, not by chance. How healthy are you?

[1] “a study6 comparing a course of chiropractic care with a course of anti-inflammatory drugs, chiropractic care was shown to be 250, times safer.”6 Dabbs V, DC and Lauretti WJ, DC. A Risk Assessment of Cervical Manipulation Vs NSAIDs for the Treatment of Neck Pain. JMPT 1995; 18(8):530-6

By Andi Lew – TV Presenter & Author of '7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You' -

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