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Tweed Heads Success Story!

Before we had our exercise equipment I was very overweight with low self esteem, and did not want to be seen by anyone- especially having photos taken.We looked at gym fees and the ongoing expense that was out of the question- Everyone is already skinny in the gym, you feel very uncomfortable being overweight trying to slog through the exercises with very little help.

Walking past the kiosk one day we thought we would enquire about prices and exercise programs. Paula from Tweed Heads was very informative and infectious about how great these exercise machines were! We purchased the equipment and realised we had just made a great investment!

My son started using the shaker (vibration machine) and walker (treadmill) due to being 130kg at the age of 15, he has been bullied all his life due to being so big. But no more! The equipment has given him weight loss, toning and firming in all the problem areas.  He now has the confidence to walk to school, and walk as a fitness sport. His clothes are just falling off him. He has the confidence to concentrate in class and his legs no longer become cramped. Due to the equipment he is looking forward to a brighter future, and being a much happier kid.

I started off at a size 22 and starting off none of my clothes fitted. I didn’t believe Paula at first, because you hear of so many different weight lose cures. But this angel assured me half an hour was all that was needed. 10 minutes on the shaker, 20-30 minutes walking. Looking back at it I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Within weeks the followed I became:
 More confident
 My clothes started to fit
 I had better joint flexibility
 My muscles were more defined
 I bought my first swim suit in 15 years
 I had better bladder control
 I will sleeping a lot better with reduced snoring
 I made healthy diet choices and reduced my junk food intake

These results didn’t happen overnight, but slowly you’re surprised at the difference in yourself- and all that was needed was half an hour! Anyone could do it!I wouldn’t give up my equipment for anything! I’m loving the new me and can’t wait for the suprises that are in store for me.I am now a size 16!
But overall I would never have gotten started had it not been for Paula! She is FANTASTIC!

Judy W (Tweed Heads Customer)

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