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Training in winter

Let’s face it as soon as the temperature starts to drop and its dark and cold, it is very hard to get out of your warm bed to want to exercise. Weather should not disrupt our training programs. Some may opt to head indoors to a sheltered place where they can sweat. This is why having a treadmill or piece of exercise equipment at home is great for the colder months. A treadmill at home allows you to walk in the comfort of your own home – no cold, rain, or wind! Try these tips to help keep you fit during winter.

  1. Warm up – Cold temperatures can make your muscles tight and prone to injury. Make sure you do a thorough warm-up prior to your exercise
  2. Use base-layer clothing made from fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away from your skin. This will keep you dry and warm for the duration of the workout.
  3. Do not overdress. Though this may feel nice and comfortable at the beginning, you will sweat much more than you would otherwise, making your clothes wet. Generally speaking, if you feel slightly cool before starting your activity, you have dressed perfectly for the conditions.
  4. Don’t get left out in the dark – Make the most of the daylight hours and stretch your legs during lunchtime.
  5. Be Game – Try a team sport in winter with workmates or friends. This will be a fun way to stay fit, socialise and keep up your fitness and most sports can be played indoor.
  6. Phone a friend –  Don’t go it alone. An exercise partner will help you to stay motivated when it’s cold outside, so phone a friend and get active together
  7. Find a mobile personal trainer who can travel to where you are and train you whenever you need. This would certainly allow more variation to your training
  8. Step it up – Don’t just workout at the gym. Everyday opportunities like climbing stairs provide a natural indoor workout, so avoid awkward elevator silences and step it up whenever possible.
  9. Set goals – Set some realistic winter goals and reward yourself as you achieve them.  Set a target for the end of winter and beat the pre-summer fitness rush!
  10. Walk your best friend – Walking the dog is beneficial to both of you, and a great form of incidental exercise. So give the heater a break and get warm the active way
  11. A good trail running shoe provides extra traction for slippery surfaces and many offer waterproof features that help keep your feet dry.
  12. H2O. One of the biggest challenges for training in cold temperatures is avoiding de-hydration. Filling water bottles with lukewarm fluids will help to prevent them from freezing or being too cold to drink comfortably. Now you are armed with some great tips to help you maintain your fitness with the temperature drops. 
Happy training!
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