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Tips to lose that baby weight

As a busy mum of one running her own business time is something that I don’t have on my side but keeping fit and healthy is certainly up there at my list of priorities. As such one of the things I am constantly asked how I lost my baby weight so quickly and how I manage my life and business with a 5 month old baby in tow.

Firstly I have to be especially organised and that involves having my day planned the night before I go to bed as it is very easy for my day to descend into chaos and having a plan helps me stay focused. I start my day with 10 minutes on my CV12 Vibration Machine which gives my whole body a work out without me spending an hour at the gym. I always focus on my legs and bum and I also find that it works well on my tummy. When I first started using it, it did feel funny having all my wobby bits vibrate but I soon got used to it and as my body started to tone up I got used to the feeling. I then have one of my Lose Baby Weight smoothies which I blend with raspberries, oatmeal, milk, ice and nutritional powder – it takes me under 5 minutes to make and keeps me going till mid morning – and is SUPER tasty! Then the rest of my day starts which consists of working while my baby is asleep, playing with my baby when he is awake and doing my daily walk to the post office to drop off parcels – and by 6.30pm when my husband comes home I am exhausted!

My top tips to keep motivated are:

  1. Work out why you want to lose your weight and write in on a piece of paper and keep it to hand to remind yourself of why you are doing it when you have bad days
  2. Set your alarm 15 minutes early and get up and do some exercise – don’t think about it – just do it. (A workout on a Vibration machine takes only 10 minutes)
  3. Don’t stock bad foods in your kitchen – in moments of weakness you will eat them
  4. Put a photo of you at your pre pregnancy weight on your fridge to remind you of what you want to look like
  5. Find a plan that fits with your lifestyle – the Lose Baby Weight plans are easy to follow and give you meal plans, exercise to do, motivation, recipes and excellent nutrition products to make you in the best health of your life.


Rhian Allen, owner of  

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