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Tips to Surviving the Silly Season

With Christmas around the corner, the festive season is just about to kick off with end of year parties and other celebrations that usual kill our fitness & nutrition goals.

But if we plan for them now, there are ways to keep calories in check and find time to continue the exercise routine.  Here are some tips.

• Use a smaller plate - your mind will consider it a full plate regardless of its size!
• Where there are choices, take a little of many things rather than lots of one thing. This ensures you are getting a balanced meal and not overloading on a fatty or high carbohydrate food
• For every glass of alcohol or soft drink, have a glass of water. Water fills you up, has no calories or side effects, is cheap and will help wash out the excesses
• Help clear the table as soon as everyone finished eating rather than sitting and picking at leftovers.
• Make your own mixed drinks with real fruit juice instead of canned drink.
• Don’t be afraid to take things home for later – especially fruit cake as it will keep for ages!
• Only put out some of the available food so people don’t over serve themselves. More can always come out as required.

• Do just 10 minutes of exercise, if that’s all you can manage. Ten minutes of anything is better than nothing – like stair stepping or skipping. Do it first thing in the morning before you get distracted by family or your to do list.
• Most of us will spring clean the house in preparation for family or friends. So why not make this a workout in itself. Put lots of energy into it! Clear out all that clutter then clean, vacuum and polish everything until it gleams.
• Arrange some active fun for everyone! You could go bowling or skating, try a game of Twister or Charades. This will also be great fun for the kids on their school holidays.


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