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The cold hard facts about Alcohol and Weight Gain

Many Australians enjoy a social drink, and in moderation, it can be one of the pleasures in life. It should be remembered that alcohol does cause the body harm and therefore needs to be respected

Arm yourself with the facts about alcohol

One in five Australians drink at short-term risky/high risk levels at least once per month… do you? We're not saying "don't drink", but it's important to be armed with the 'facts' when you do, to optimise your health and wellness and personal safety.

It's no myth that alcohol causes weight gain - it does.

The body recognises alcohol calories as the primary fuel source which results in your body putting the brakes on burning fat.

Why? Alcohol in the body is converted into a substance called acetate - which increases quickly with each drink. Your body will burn acetate before it burns fat, hence the more drinks you consume; the longer your body takes to return to burning fat.

In addition, alcohol also stimulates your appetite! So you're likely to eat more when accompanied with alcohol. So to counteract that social night out just jump on for further infomation about our treadmills, vibration machines and business packages.




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