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Ten Healthy Workplace Habits

Most of us probably spend the better part of our day at work, whether this means sitting behind a desk or cooking and cleaning for the family. It’s easy to use this as an excuse not to change some of those unhealthy habits you know you’ve fallen into—when was the last time you told yourself you were “too busy” to start exercising or eating a more balanced diet?

Well, I’ve got good news: adopting healthy habits is a lot simpler than you might think, and it won’t leave you with any less time to get through your to-do list each day. In fact, you’ll probably end up performing better, since studies show that fit and healthy employees are three times more productive than their unhealthy counterparts!

I’ve come up with ten top tips to help you incorporate healthy living into your daily workplace routine:

  1.  Make your own lunch. That way, you’re prepared for a fuss-free day of healthy eating, and you’re less likely to get distracted by the lure of the vending machine when you get hungry.
  2. Keep a stockpile of healthy snacks in your desk drawer so that you won’t be tempted by sugary or fatty treats when you get the afternoon munchies.
  3. Plan ahead for business travel. Pack a selection of healthy foods to take with you, or, if you’re going overseas, do some research to find out where you can get nutritious meals or groceries while you’re away.
  4. Don’t eat lunch at your desk if you can avoid it. Go and sit in the park or the office canteen, so you can savour what you’re eating and give your body a chance to acknowledge that you’ve fed it!
  5. Engage your colleagues in healthy living. Get a team together for a sporting event or see if you can organise lunchtime yoga classes. Having a support network during your healthy life journey can count for a lot.
  6. Use your breaks productively. Studies show that three ten-minute bursts of exercise over the course of a day are just as effective as one thirty-minute session. Exercise also helps reduce stress and improve productivity.
  7. Invest in an insulated lunch bag. That way, you’ll have no excuse not to pack a healthy lunch and snacks for a day at work, and no one can steal your food from the office fridge!
  8. Schedule exercise time in your diary, either before or after work or during your lunch hour. Making it part of your working day means it’s that much harder to skip!
  9. Don’t be afraid to say no. If someone brings a cake to the office to celebrate their birthday, don’t feel obliged to have a piece if you don’t want to interrupt your healthy eating.
  10. Go for a walk at lunchtime. Not only will you be exercising, you’ll also have a chance to clear your head and have some time out from your busy day.

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