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Ten Healthy Habits at Home

Charity isn’t the only thing that begins at home—healthy habits are much easier to maintain if you start making them part of your daily routine. Adopt these ten simple ideas for incorporating sensible eating and activity into your home habits, and you’ll soon find that healthy living becomes second nature!  

  1. Keep a pair of wrist-weights in the laundry, and wear them every time you sort and fold laundry. Not only are you getting housework done, you’re getting a workout in as well!
  2. Rearrange your pantry: throw out anything unhealthy that’s likely to derail you once you’ve started changing your eating habits. Stock up on healthy snacks so that you can satisfy your cravings without undoing your hard work.
  3. Invest in a good set of bathroom scales and weigh yourself regularly, making sure you do so at the same time every day. This helps you monitor your progress and stay motivated.
  4. Keep a weight loss and/or food diary handy in your kitchen. It’s an easy way to record your eating habits and stay on track.
  5. Take time out to prepare healthy meals. It can be easy for a diet to derail if you don’t have time to cook dinner, so set aside an hour or two each weekend to cook up some healthy meals that can be frozen for quick re-heating during your busy week.
  6. Use nice crockery and cutlery when you serve your healthy meals at home. Presentation makes a difference; you’ll be looking forward to your healthy dinners before you know it!
  7. Invest in a big salad bowl to eat your salads from. Psychologically, you’ll feel as though you’re eating a big, filling meal—and because it’s a salad, you can enjoy a big bowlful and know that it’s doing your body all kinds of favours!
  8. Stick a photo of yourself at your biggest on the fridge or pantry door. If you have to look at it every time you’re tempted to reach for an unhealthy snack, it’ll make you think twice!
  9. Stock up on health magazines and browse through them when you’re feeling hungry. They’ll help motivate you and stop you from making unhealthy food choices. You might even pick up some handy new recipe ideas!
  10. Housework might be boring, but you can turn it into a fun opportunity for some incidental exercise. Crank up your favourite CD and dance your way through your chores!
Sally Symonds - Healthy Life Mentor
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