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Plan your training intensity around your fitness goals

It's important to understand your training intensity ratio i.e. how much low cardio you should do each week v's how much hard cardio training.  If you include both types of training and push yourself to include "hard" cardio, it will help you to increase your levels of fitness and ultimately you will reach your fitness goal.

Here's the low down on cardio intensity:

•When you perform low-moderate cardio you can still hold a conversation;

•With hard cardio you cannot!

If you're training to lose weight you should spend 75% of your time on low to moderate cardio and 25% on hard cardio.

If you're goal is to increase your fitness, then low to moderate cardio will decrease to 50% of the time and hard cardio will increase to 50%.

Please remember that balance is essential when you are exercising.

The impact of overloading your body with too much high intensity cardio leads to fatigue and the likeliness of overeating after a hard cardio session.

So how much cardio should I do?

 This will depend on three factors:

 1. Your Goal

 2. Body Type

3. Your Lifestyle

 Decide how much time you can allocate for fitness training and schedule this in your diary.  Aim for at least 3 cardio sessions each week and one weights session.  If you can do more, then do it!

Once you allocate this time, then decide how much low-moderate and high intensity training you will do.  See the guide above.

Each cardio session should be between 30-90 minutes duration.  The optimum time for fat burning during Low _ Moderate cardio is 30- 90 Minutes. Make each session count!

If you don't have much time, choose a hard 30 minute session, this is essential as it has a long energy burn after you finish exercising.

Importantly, choose exercise that you enjoy and will help you reach your ultimate goal.

 Examples of exercises:


  • 5 min warm up (easy jog), then stretch
  • 2 minutes hard, sprinting, then walk for 1 minute
  • Repeat 10 times for a 30 minute session

 As it gets easier increase the time interval of the hard and decrease the interval of easy

Increase difficultly by adding hills or resistance levels on cardio equipment such as Treadmills, Bikes and Elepticals.


5 minute warm up and active stretch

30 seconds lunges / split jumps

30 seconds push ups

30 seconds squat jumps

Rest 60 seconds

30 seconds dips

30 seconds pull ups

30 seconds shoulder press

Rest 60 seconds

Repeat whole session 15 times (try to beat your number of reps or match the number from each set)

I'd love to hear how you go with this.  Please get in touch and remember, it's important to just get started, push yourself to do it and you will reap the rewards.


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